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Find Cloud Integration as the Better Solution

Find Cloud Integration as the Better Solution

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A huge amount of data is required to be gathered and handled from different data sources like, Cloud, SaaS, social networks etc. on daily basis in different business houses. Thus, specific requirement for effective data integration tools can be seen widely in the market these days. My company’s data remains safe with proper application integration, which is also known as the enterprise application integration in the industry.

Application integration is done to simplify the entire business process in an automated way, but it does not make extensive changes either to the application or to the data structures. In that case, I would like to discuss about certain distinctions between traditional approach of data integration and cloud integration. Also, I would like to share how cloud computing has made the entire process much faster and easier.

In previous days, the entire process for data integration was found to be quite complex. As, it used to involve integration of multiple applications running on multiple systems.As a matter of fact, these systems could be from multiple locations. Also, they could use multiple files and databases. Thus, the main challenge was to connect multiple applications to guarantee undisturbed data flow. Initially, this kind of integration used to take place through middle ware. And this approach either used to be written a customized code or bought from a vendor. Unanimously, this approach was found to be very expensive.

But, upon installing cloud application integration, different business houses have started seeing a new ray of hope. That is the reason why my organization has also believed taking application integration into the cloud.

When we take up cloud integration solution for data, then we are able to acquire easy to use, consistent, reusable, simple and infinitely extensible option for easier integration between applications. I found it more reliable as it removes all the hassles related to the hand-coded programs. Also, it is available with custom-made data packets integrating any kind of application. These packets can read, write and transform from any location, which allow databases, web, files and SaaS data to be shared and utilized by applications as per the requirement. 

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